Today felt like a day.

Today was weird. I woke up with the inevitable post-Christmas blues and it was cold outside and all of a sudden I wasn’t really sure again what I was supposed to be doing with my life. It was some really macro stuff, you guys.

Today was a day for cable-knit.


Today was a day for Plantation Mint tea, even though I don’t love tea, I just love see-through mugs.

plantation mint

Today was a day to burn a laughably expensive candle that smelled like Lemon Basil. Today was obviously a day for chicken n’ dumplings in a penguin cup.

candle     chicken n dumplings

And as the day went on I wrote for my clients and I studiously reviewed my real estate licensing textbook. Then I made a meat and cheese plate for lunch and spent literally hours alternating between poking (literally poking) the dog and reading food blogs. And I thought, “Hey, I used to have a food blog…”

All I ever want to do is cook. Bake and chop and roast and steam and just be in the kitchen working with my hands, making something that’s the most tangible expression of love I know. So anyway, today was the day I decided to start up Modern Mouthful again, if not only because I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m not thinking about food.

More to come.


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