The Day the Earth Stood Still

Otherwise known as “The Day I Ran Into Ina Garten on The Street.”

In September of last year Tom and I took a jaunt to Seattle, one of my favorite food cities. I happened to know (hey THANKS, social media!) that my idol, the Barefoot Contessa herself: Ina Garten, was doing a meet and greet in The Emerald City that same weekend. Alas, our flight was leaving before her show. I swore to I was going to meet her – we were almost definitely going to run into her because you know, Seattle’s not huge, and then I promptly forgot about it.

Cut to Sunday morning, the last day of our trip. We were wandering around the outskirts of Pike Place Market and had made it just a few blocks shy of sketchy-Seattle when there she was, waiting at the crosswalk with a female friend. It was like seeing an eclipse.  Mumbling incoherently of course, I went up to her and said some borderline-stalker things (she was incredibly nice about it all) while Tom had the good sense to get a picture.

heather and ina

And because I know you’re wondering she smelled like lavender and yes, she had on a blue button-down. Ina is also impossibly, impossibly tiny. For reference, I’m 5′ 1″ tall.

It was the best day. I’m still beaming.


4 thoughts on “The Day the Earth Stood Still

    Glad to know she is SO tiny! I would never have thought that. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her! No other “tv chef” compares to the Contessa! Thanks for bumping into her.

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