Speaking of Soup…

I heard the WEIRDEST cooking tip a couple of weeks ago and it worked. Like, actually saved-a-whole-pot-of-Chicken-Noodle-Soup-worked. I couldn’t believe it.

Soup is a common occurrence in my kitchen, as is burning said soup. I’ve got a tendency to turn the pot up too high and forget about it until my whole house smells like a campsite. And as you may well know, once you get that burned, acrid taste in a pot of soup it’s more or less impossible to get out, especially if you’ve already stirred it.

Here’s the tip: Plant your corn early!
Kidding. My dad used to say that to waiters and it was so embarrassing. GEEZ DAD.

Anyway, put a heaping spoonful or two of creamy peanut butter in the soup. Seriously – I know it sounds like the strangest, most peanutty non-solution  but I swear to you…it’ll smooth everything out and get rid of that nasty, burned taste. It apparently works on creamy soups, chilis, tomato-based stews, anything you’ve ruined.

I know. I didn’t believe it either.


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