The 4 Best Things I Ate in Paris

Eiffel TowerAhhh, Paris. The City of Lights. The City of Love. The City of…the Norwalk Virus? So I didn’t really get to chow down the way I planned on our amazing honeymoon, at least for the first few days. Which we spent in Paris, of course. Because who really wants to eat in Paris, anyway?

Don’t worry, I rallied, and here’s a short list of my four favorite Parisian eats. You don’t need long in a city like Paris to taste some pretty delicious stuff…I’m living proof. We did the big fancy dinner thing at Verjus which was THE place to go, apparently. Meh. It was good, yes, but a bit more fru fru than either of us prefer and do you have any idea how many crepes you can buy for $85 a person? Our best eats in France were cheap, simple and predictable. Go figure.

Ever been to Paris? Eat something delicious? Tell me what I missed in the comments!

4. Jambon et Fromage Crêpe
(Ham and Cheese Crepe)    mmm...cheese

Ugh, I know, how boring. But ohmygosh you guys, Parisians really know how to do the pork+carbs+cheese song and dance. This particular crepe was the first thing we ate after we checked into the hotel (it was 9:00 a.m., naturally) and it was greasy, hammy, and generally massive. We shared it on the way to Notre Dame, which is a neat memory. Fun Husband Fact: “Sharing” means if I want any I have to eat it really-super-fast because Tom grew up with an older brother.

3. South Beach Protein Bar
(Peanut Butter Flavor)

sicky sick sick

I am not joking when I say I was really, really sick. Like, check-my-insurance-card-to-see-if-I’m-covered-for-an-international-hospital sick. After 48 hours of nonstop French game shows and not so much as a sip of water, waking up hungry made me feel all the feelings. The South Beach bar was all I had in the room and I wasn’t taking any chances.

2. Mulled Wine

Why do we not drink mulled wine in America? We’ve got Starbucks and the French have this. A chilly walk called for something warm and cinnamon-y and you could smell this concoction cooking everywhere you went. Oranges, cloves, cinnamon – the perfect fall honeymoon drink . We shared one on the steps of Montmartre where we watched some guy doing acrobatics with a soccer ball with 20,000 of our newest French friends. Here’s a great Jamie Oliver recipe I tried around Christmas.

1. CroissantsCroissants

Oh God, you guys, the croissants. If you’ve never been to Paris you’ve never had a good croissant. Trust me on this one.


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