My 5 Favorite Things About Being Married (So Far)

Valentines?You’ve gotta love love. Sure, Valentine’s Day is kind of corny and cliche but at the end of the day it’s nice to know you’re loved, regardless of whether it’s by your husband, your dad, or your dog. Today marks my first married Valentine’s Day (!) and though we’ll be skipping the chocolates and flowers and all that we’re still going  out to dinner and there will likely be wine involved. I’ve never been the type to turn up my nose at Valentine’s Day because really, it’s not hurting anyone, and it’s usually the easiest day of the year to procure heart-shaped baked goods for free.

GeorgieToday’s got me thinking about all the reasons people fall in love and stay in love and about the virtues of this whole “marriage” scenario. The good news is, it’s four months in and I’m still digging it. Good sign! Here are a few of my favorite things about being married thus far, illustrated with pictures of my dog because Tom would kill me if I started putting embarrassing pictures of him all over the internet.


5. Getting to Leave Early.

George asleep

Without a doubt one of my favorite things about marriage is that no one gets mad at you anymore for leaving early. Nay, they expect you to leave early: you’re the boring married folks! My whole life I’ve been getting called out for not being up for the “after party” or that (third) extra round…now I have a partner in crime and, most importantly, an excuse.


4. No More Cooking for One.

too full

Any single woman knows it’s a total pain in the butt to cook for one person. Most recipes serve four and even when you cut them in half you’re still eating off that casserole for 2, maybe 3 meals. And don’t even get me started on how embarrassing it feels to place a carry out call every Friday night at the Chinese place next to your house for one lone order of Sesame Chicken.


3.  Split Dog Duties.

angry at weather

Not having to take the dog out at the end of the night when it’s dark and cold and (quite probably) raining is worth my weight in gold. And George gets extra grumpy when the weather’s less than ideal.


2. Having My Decisions Validated.

validated!The thing about single life is it’s harder to know when you’re on the right track. Sure, you’re making decisions about where to live and what to do but are they the right ones? Are you cutting off your nose to spite your face or some other southern colloquialism? Once you’re married you’ve got a permanent backboard to bounce ideas off of and your spouse will usually tell you when you’re being a class-A idiot. Having a partner in crime means they go down with the ship, too, so there’s a vested interest from both sides in making sure Team Married is successful.


1. Getting a Permanent Travel Buddy.

camping?I’ve always wanted to travel, to see everything there is to see. As a woman that’s been a tall order – I don’t necessarily think it’s the best idea for a tiny, naive lady to be traipsing around Europe or Nicaragua or wherever with little more than a backpack and faith everyone’s good at heart. Call me cynical. But now that I’m married I never have to worry again about which of my friends I won’t kill after 13 days of nonstop togetherness or whether Club Med is in fact too romantic to enjoy with my mom. Sure, there are plenty of options when it comes to travel companions but having a built-in exploration buddy living in your house sure is convenient.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
But especially to my favorite husband and most willing accomplice, Tom.


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