Modern Mouthful Got Nominated for a Liebster Award!

Liebster Blog AwardI’m not really sure what that means but doesn’t it sound…exciting!? It’s all German and mysterious – kinda sounds like “Pulitzer” if you mumble, you know?

Anyway, Kimberly over at the Racing Bananas blog apparently really likes my stuff! She’s a pretty healthy eater, it seems, so I’m not sure she’s actually read the blog considering the quantities of butter I use on Modern Mouthful but it makes no matter (kidding, Kimberly!)

Anyway, here’s how this Liebster Award thing works. Basically, you nominate other small-scale bloggers you think are the bee’s knees and all of you have to answer a bunch of questions for your readers. It’s kind of like M.A.S.H. but without the middle school embarrassment. I don’t really like talking about anything but food here but it’s Friday and YOLO or whatever.

Here are the “rules:”
1. List 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions that my nominator wrote for me.
3. Nominate 11 new bloggers.
4. Create 11 questions for my nominees.
5. Show off that fancy Liebster logo.


Eleven Random Facts:

1. I took German for four years in college but still had to look up what “Liebster” meant. It’s “beloved”, btw.
2. I’m an only child but I’m pretty sure I absorbed my twin in-utero (super double twin strength!)
3. I hate coleslaw with the fire of a thousand burning suns.
4. I have such a good memory my husband calls me “Elephant.” At least, I hope that’s why he calls me that.
5. I’ve eaten enough Pad Thai in the last 36 months to make up for 24 years of not having eaten it.
6. Travel is the only thing that makes me feel fully, 100% alive.
7. I have an unhealthy obsession with celebrity news and trashy reality TV. Like, unhealthy.
8. Once I accepted full-fat foods into my life my happiness quotient went up by about 86%.
9. I once had a Beta fish named Rhubarb that lived for 4 years. He drowned. Seriously.
10. I’m pretty sure I have borderline OCD tendencies but my friends call me “quirky.”
11. If it was socially acceptable, I’d put buffalo sauce on everything I ingested.

Eleven Questions for me from Kimberly

1. What meal or food do you have to make every week?
Eggs of some kind. I eat about 18 eggs a week.

2. If you had a whole day to yourself to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?
I’d like to say “read a book” but I’d probably get Thai food and watch 16-hours of The Real Housewives of ____ in my Umbros.


3. Are you a dog or a cat person (or other)?

4. What is your favorite movie?
The Departed, or maybe Wedding Crashers.

5. If you had one wish, what would it be?
More wishes, obviously.

6. Who inspires and/or motivates you in your daily life?
My husband.

7. What is your biggest accomplishment?
Wow, that’s heavy. I’d probably say quitting my “real job” and becoming self-employed. That, and perfecting my prime rib recipe.

8. In ten years, what do you think your biggest accomplishment will be?
Probably keeping this bulldog alive for so long, and maybe gestating a human being or two. Could still be the prime rib though.

9. What is your favorite quote?
“The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” – Lily Tomlin

10. Do you have a guilty pleasure? What is it?
Carbs. And the sheer number of hours of BRAVO programming I consume. But I don’t feel guilty about either, really.

11. What three items would bring if you were on a deserted island?
Sunscreen, a hammock, and a long-range radio transmitter.

I think Kimberly did a pretty great job with the questions, so I’m going to pose the same 11 to the bloggers I pick.

And now, here are the 9 blogs I think YOU should be reading (I know I was supposed to choose 11 but I could only think of 9 that fit the criteria and I didn’t want to point you to blogs I don’t actually like!):

Susan Eats London

5 Kinds of Rice

A Passion and a Passport

Pickle and Harvey

I Am a Food Blog

Bad Home Cooking

Fervent Foodie

Lipstick Makes Everything Better

No Pants to Work


And thanks for the shout out Kimberly – enjoy!


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